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Expert Makeup & Eyebrow Design
That Brings Out Your Natural Beauty
And Makes You Look—& Feel—Like A Celebrity

eyebrow artist, makeup artist, brow duchess, Did you know your eyebrows, more than any other part of your face, determine how beautiful you look?

Think about it… in the movies, when they want to make someone look unattractive, they give them thick, unruly eyebrows. On the other hand, imagine your favorite beautiful celebrity. Notice how trim and proper her eyebrows are!

Often, the right brow design is all it takes to draw out your natural beauty, which lies hidden just under the surface waiting to be revealed.

But sadly, most threading or waxing technicians—even most makeup artists—know very little about how to design your brows uniquely for YOU.

This is definitely NOT a case of “one shape fits all”…

makeup artist, eyebrow artist, makeover, brow duchessEveryone is unique. Including YOU.

You have a unique bone structure. Your face has its own unique shape.

Doesn’t it make sense that you should have a brow design uniquely suited for YOU?

As a makeup artist, I specialize in eyebrow design because it is so critical to helping you look your absolute best. I take the shape of your face and bone structure into account as I give you an Eyebrow Makeover designed to bring out the celebrity in you.

Alba’s Threading, Eyebrow & Makeup Services…

It’s my mission to help everyday women look more beautiful each & every day using proper makeup and the right eyebrow design.

I invite you to explore this site and the services I offer. And if you want to look (& feel) like a superstar, then I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Alba Garcia
“The Brow Duchess”
Eyebrow & Makeup Artist

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