The NEW Art of Threading

How A New Twist On An Ancient Egyptian Secret
Can Virtually Eliminate The Pain and Irritation
Typically Associated With Hair Removal

The NEW Art of Threading hair removal

Threading is an all-natural solution for hair removal.

One of the primary tools I use for taming brows is a little-known secret dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

Even today, it’s a closely guarded “trade secret” that very few beauticians are skilled at. Several years ago, I had to repeatedly beg an Egyptian friend of mine to teach me this unusual technique. (After much begging & pleading, she finally but reluctantly agreed.)

The Art of Threading originated thousands of years ago somewhere in the Middle East or South Asia. No one knows exactly where it first originated, but it’s known to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Persia, and what is now India. It was only the rich and powerful that had access to this amazing beauty secret!

Fortunately, threading is becoming more widely available today. Here’s what you need to know about it…

  • Today, after many thousands of years, threading continues to be a very safe, natural, and effective method of hair removal. There are no harmful chemicals to worry about.
  • It’s also much more precise than other methods—it leaves clean, well-defined lines. It’s so precise, a skilled threading artist can remove a single hair with just a bit of thread! Even extremely short hairs can be removed.
  • Unlike waxing, threading (if done correctly) doesn’t irritate the skin. This is particularly important if you are sensitive or allergic to wax.
  • Waxing can remove a layer of skin, leaving you vulnerable to sunburn. It can even cause premature wrinkles! But threading leaves your skin intact and feeling smooth as a baby’s bottom.
  • Finally, threading pulls out the entire hair follicle. Over time, the hair will grow back more and more slowly, until eventually… you’ll never have to worry about hair in that spot again!

While perfecting my threading technique, I came up with a way to virtually eliminate redness, irritation, soreness, or infection. It also results in much less pain or discomfort, and most women experience no pain at all when I thread them.

The Secret To Pain-Free Threading

Threading hair removal

I call it The NEW Art of Threading. I combine the tried and tested threading technique of the ancient Egyptians, Persians, and Indians with a little modern understanding.

Most threading technicians do not prepare the skin in any way before they dive right in. They don’t even practice basic sanitation procedures.

Why is this important?

Because pulling out hair follicles can be traumatizing to your skin, leaving you vulnerable to excess redness, irritation, or even infection from bacteria!

That’s why I take extra time to care for your skin hygiene. I’ve found that I can greatly reduce any kind of irritation or redness simply by thoroughly disinfecting the area with a natural skin cleanser before each treatment.

In addition, I use a natural topical numbing agent that makes your experience less painful or discomforting.

Then, after your threading session, I apply a natural antiseptic (which includes tea tree oil and herbal extracts), which helps further protect against infection, and helps your skin recover more quickly.

The NEW Art of Threading Formula:

100% Natural
100% Natural
100% Natural
w/Tea Tree Oil
(Applied After)
Less Redness
Less Irritation
Less Chance of Infection
Less Pain or Discomfort
Quicker Skin Recovery

As far as I know, I’m the only person in the world who does it this way. That’s why I call it the NEW Art of Threading. It produces much better results than the strictly traditional method. My clients certainly appreciate it… and I know you will too, once you experience it firsthand.

NEW Art of Threading Price Menu

Because I put extra time and attention toward making sure your experience is as pleasant as possible, my rates aren’t as cheap as you’ll find in a typical threading or waxing salon. But when you consider the extra level of care and service that goes into the NEW Art of Threading, I believe you’ll appreciate it so much that a few extra bucks will be totally worth it to you. Here are my rates…

Upper Lip$12
Eyebrow Makeover$59
Entire Face (excluding brows)$56 (save $9)
Entire Face & Neck (excluding brows)$63 (save $14)
Entire Face with Eyebrow Makeover$99 (save $21)
Entire Face & Neck with Eyebrow Makeover$105 (save $27)

Remember, the NEW Art of Threading is about…

  • Hair removal with less pain and discomfort than the traditional method.
  • More attention to skin health and hygiene, which reduces redness and irritation.
  • Private, personalized service without staring eyes.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not thrilled with your service.

threading hair removal appointment

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