About Alba Garcia, Eyebrow & Makeup Artist

Why “The Brow Duchess” Should Be
YOUR Personal Eyebrow & Makeup Artist…

Alba Garcia, The Brow Duchess, Makeup & Eyebrow Artist

Alba Garcia, "The Brow Duchess"

Reason #1: No More Bad “Eyebrow Jobs”

Have you ever suffered a bad “eyebrow job” at a cheap salon? Most threading or waxing technicians—even most trained makeup artists—have no clue how to design eyebrows. They often leave them mis-matched, crooked, or at best just “ho-hum”. That’s where I come in as an eyebrow specialist. (I also happen to be a licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry.)

Reason #2: Look & Feel Like A Celebrity!

The shape of your eyebrows makes a huge difference in how people perceive your beauty. The right design can bring out your natural beauty hiding right under the surface. Just imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing you look your absolute best. You’ll look (and feel!) like a celebrity when you experience an Eyebrow Makeover uniquely designed for your face.

Reason #3: Tame Those Wild, Out-Of-Control Brows

I will take your wild, out-of-control brows and tame them into perfect submission with my Ultimate Brow Control. (If your brow hairs tend to “clump up,” or point in every which direction, then you’re going to be very excited about this well-kept secret!)

Reason #4: Experience The NEW Art Of Threading

You’ll experience my NEW Art of Threading, which results in less pain and irritation than the traditional method. (Even specialist threading salons don’t do it this way.) How often has your skin been left irritated for days after a threading or waxing session? It won’t happen with my unique method.

Reason #5: Look Years Younger With A Natural Look

As a skilled Makeup Artist, I can make you look years younger while looking completely natural. I specialize in helping women look absolutely beautiful without it looking like they’re trying too hard. (HINT: The eyebrows are a key secret!)

Reason #6: Better Skin Hygiene Than Typical Salons

You’ll work with someone who cares about you, your beauty, and your skin hygiene. In fact, that’s exactly what the NEW Art of Threading is all about.

Reason #7: Private, Personalized Service

Unlike high-profile salons, you’ll enjoy a private, personalized experience in an intimate Eyebrow/Makeup Studio. And unlike other so-called professionals, your satisfaction is guaranteed… or you don’t pay!

eyebrow threading appointment

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