Ultimate Brow Control

 A Way To Tame Those
“WiLd JuNgLe” Brows Without Spending
All Morning In Front of the Mirror

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Ever wonder how celebrities like Jennifer Lopez can have perfectly trim and proper eyebrows?

It’s probably because her makeup artist spends mucho tiempo with a big can of hair spray in one hand and a soft toothbrush in the other, fighting to tame every last brow hair into perfect submission.

If she only knew about my Ultimate Brow Control. Because now, you can have “celebrity-perfect eyebrows” without spending your entire morning in front of the mirror.

With the Ultimate Brow Control, your wild brow hairs will be tame as a pussycat for at least two weeks with absolutely no hassle. Simply use your fingers in the morning to style them.

Time spent: less than a minute.

The Ultimate Brow Control “Secret”

“The Ultimate Brow Control is amazing. It completely changed the look of my whole face. It was so worth it! I have never had controllable eyebrows and the Ultimate Brow Control gave me a perfect arch and they lay perfect for the shape of my eyes and face. I suggest everyone get the Ultimate Brow Control. It changed my face for the better.

Traci Mitchell
Manhattan Beach, CA

All this is possible with a little-known professional cosmetic product not available in the United States. You can’t even order it online. (I’ve tried.) In fact, it’s so hard to find, I have a special contact South of the Border who buys it and ships it to me.

It’s odorless… completely safe… hypoallergenic… and works like magic!

As a makeup artist, I can honestly tell you that there is NOTHING else like this available. I’ve seen a type of mascara for controlling eyebrows, but it doesn’t really work very well and only lasts a day.

The Ultimate Brow Control, on the other hand, lasts anywhere from two weeks to a month (based on actual client experiences)… and the brows look terrific, even if they normally look like the deepest parts of the Amazon!

So far, I haven’t found anything else out there that can come this close to taming out-of-control brows for this length of time.

How To Get Those “Celebrity-Perfect Eyebrows”

If you have trouble with unruly brow hairs, then the Ultimate Brow Control is waiting to transform your brows into the perfect “celebrity eyebrows!”

Here’s what you need to know: it’s a professional product, and requires about 45 minutes to apply. That means it’s not a cheap service… but when you think about how much more beautiful you’ll look and how much more confident you’ll feel—not to mention how much time you’ll save in the mornings—I think you’ll find it a worthwhile investment.

Plus, if you’re not thrilled with the results—if your new brows don’t make you feel like a beautiful celebrity—then I’ll give you a complete refund.

Price List For Eyebrow Services

Ultimate Brow Control$59
Ultimate Brow Makeover
(A special package offer which includes an Eyebrow Makeover & Ultimate Brow Control)
$99 (save $19)
Ultimate Touch-Up (for followup appointments)
(Includes Eyebrow Touch-Up & Ultimate Brow Control)

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