Eyebrow Makeover

Discover The Hidden Power of the Brows To
Draw Out Your Natural Beauty And Help You
Look More Beautiful Than You Thought Possible

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“The eyebrows can make or break a face.”

That’s what famous makeup artist, Way Bandy, said. Way worked with big stars like Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand, Farrah Fawcett, Mary Tyler Moore, Cher, Raquel Welch, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others.

He understood the power of the brows to enhance—or detract from—your natural beauty. In fact, a pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows can do more for your beauty than just about any cosmetic… even many expensive beauty treatments.

But unfortunately, very few of us are lucky enough to be born with “celebrity-perfect” brows. (It’s true even for celebrities!) We need a little help to tame them.

But be careful…

Many of my clients come to me after their brows have been mutilated one too many times at a cheap salon. The thing is, most salons can be dangerous for your brows because they almost always employ waxing or threading technicians who have little understanding of proper brow design.

As an eyebrow artist, I routinely design brows that help average women look absolutely stunning. The right brow design can do wonders to draw out your beauty.

Secrets of Eyebrow Design

I’m about to reveal some of the key brow design secrets that your eyebrow artist MUST know before you even think about letting her near your face…

It’s important to realize that your eyebrows are more than just the frame for your eyes… they frame your entire face! Way Bandy understood this. It’s a little-known, but absolutely essential secret to maximizing your natural beauty. An ordinary threading or waxing technician will simply not understand all the implications of this powerful concept.

A thorough analysis of the shape of your face is the starting point for great design… and the shape of your eyes serves as a guideline for keeping the brow design in check. Here are some fundamental key secrets…

Secrets to designing eyebrows, eyebrow makeover, eyebrow design, eyebrow shaping, eyebrow threading Notice how the first three key secrets are illustrated in this image.

Key Secret #1: The inside edge of the eyebrow should end just above the inside corner of your eye.

Key Secret #2:The shape of the eyebrow should reflect the shape of your eyelashes…otherwise, they’ll just look “off.”

Key Secret #3:The outside edge of the eyebrow should taper to a point at roughly a 45 degree angle beyond the outside edge of the eye.

These first three secrets are the fundamentals. They’re simply guidelines. The real power lies in the next two advanced secrets that very few understand…

Key Secret #4:The brows should have a delicate arch that not only reflects the shape of your eyelashes (as already mentioned), but takes into account your unique facial structure. A design that looks absolutely terrific on one person may look awful on someone else. This is because everyone is unique, and has a unique facial structure. That’s why I don’t believe in using “brow templates”.

Key Secret #5: The eyebrows should be designed to make your face appear more symmetrical. You’d be surprised how badly lopsided many brow designs are! (It’s often my job to fix a poor design as best I can.)

These last two powerful secrets are all about illusion. Have you ever seen one of those optical illusions that “tricked” your eye into seeing something differently… or unexpected?

The Power of Illusion

Consider these images…

Eyebrow makeover design illusion, eyebrow shaping These lines are exactly parallel… but the illusion makes them look curved.

Eyebrow makeover design illusion, eyebrow shaping The center circles are exactly the same size… but one appears much larger.

This optical illusion phenomenon helps me create brow designs that enhance your natural beauty… while at the same time diminish certain undesirable facial features. Take another look through the gallery at the top of this page, and notice how much more beautiful the faces appear after their Eyebrow Makeover!

“What If I Have Sparse Brows?”

Many of my clients have sparse brows from too much over-plucking. And if that’s you, then don’t worry. I’ll define and shape what’s left of them to the best of my ability using the NEW Art of Threading… then I’ll use an eyebrow powder or a fine pencil to give a convincing illusion of nice, full brows. I’ll even show you how to do it yourself so you can experience fuller-looking eyebrows on a daily basis.

I’ve even had clients with eyebrow tattoos, which are almost always poorly designed. But I can show you how to apply the brow pencil to make them look a lot better.

If you’ve never experienced an eyebrow makeover by a real eyebrow artist, then I invite you to try out my service without risking a penny…

What You Can Expect…

When you first come in for your Eyebrow Makeover, I’ll sit down with you and analyze your facial structure to determine the ideal brow design that will draw out your natural beauty. If you feel comfortable with my assessment, then we’ll begin working on your beauty transformation!

Once you have your new brow design, I will coach you on what brow products to use, how to choose the right color, and how to apply them. This is a highly individualized consultation, and is based on your needs. Not everyone needs product.

Eyebrow Makeover Price List

If you’re looking for someone to give your brows the right design for the shape of your face—one that will bring out your natural hidden beauty—then I believe you’ll find my rates worth every penny, even if it costs you a few dollars more than other options. (Many of my clients come to me after having their brows mutilated by other less-experienced threading or waxing technicians. But I rarely have a client who isn’t absolutely thrilled with my work. Take a look through my Client Testimonials, for example)

Just as any true professional should, I guarantee my work. In fact, if you’re not 100% thrilled with my service… if you don’t look and feel more beautiful and more confident… then you won’t owe me a dime. That’s how seriously I take my work.

Eyebrow Makeover$59
Eyebrow Touch-Up (for followup appointments)$39
Ultimate Brow Makeover
(A special package offer which includes an Eyebrow Makeover & Ultimate Brow Control)
$99 (save $19)
Ultimate Touch-Up (for followup appointments)
(Includes a Eyebrow Touch Up & Ultimate Brow Control)

Imagine for a moment the perfect eyebrows: that sexy, feminine archclean, well-defined edgesproper alignment with your eyes… an elegant taper toward the outside… just simple, elegant brows that enhance your beauty and compliment your face—the kind of brows that make you feel like a superstar!

That’s what an Eyebrow Makeover can do for you. Your friends will be begging you to let them in on your beauty secret!

Eyebrow Makeover Includes…

  • 30-45 minutes of one-on-one time with Alba.
  • Consultation regarding the ideal brow design for your unique face.
  • Customized brow design to draw out your natural beauty using the NEW Art of Threading.
  • Coaching on what brow products to use, how to select the right color, and how to apply them (if needed).

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